Monday, December 15, 2008

Washington DC's Naughty Bits

For whatever reason, Obamathon Man felt the urge to see what the DC Naval Observatory looked like from the air. Don't ask. But upon further magnification, he found the satellite image to be blurrified. NOOOOOO! Nowhere else within the beltway, not even the Pentagon, gets this special treatment. A little research on the greatest website ever created reveals that this was in fact the doing of Vice President Dick Cheney, who didn't want the general public to see his house. And they called Nixon "Tricky Dick". In Cheney's defense, there are plenty of things over at Casa Cheney that the public would be better off not seeing. For instance, aerial cameras might have caught Cheney in the middle of his morning routine of killing kittens. And there's that portal to hell he had installed next to the vice-presidential barbecue. Whatever the reason, I'm sure it's in the interest of national security and not because Cheney is by far the worst elected official in the 225 year history of this country. In any case, Joe Biden is scheduled to take up residency in the Naval Observatory this January. No word as to whether or not he's going to have it unblurred on Google, but it's likely he'll have trouble getting the smell of brimstone out of the drapes. Does anyone know of a good cleaner/exorcist in the DC area?

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  1. Very funny -- and kinda scarey. Good thing Cheney is leaving office. Otherwise he would get his secret police to investigate you for posting this. As it is, we can all just laugh, shake our heads and say, "Wow, that was a long, dark period."