Tuesday, December 23, 2008

It's Cold

It's currently snowing outside, and Obamathon Man is readjusting to the bitter cold and high altitude. Yes, it's cold here, but fortunately not as cold as some had surmised. Family members advised me to bundle up like Randy, the plucky younger brother from A Christmas Story who wears so many coats he can no longer move. I replied that I would be okay with just a thick coat or two, having been to places with cold weather before. Dismayed that I wasn't taking their advice, they then cautioned me, "You'll shoot your eye out."

But what about the weather in DC? what if there's an inaugural blizzard? First of all, people with confusing graphs are basically predicting that the weather will be relatively warm. Another official looking site says that the temperature is likely to be 37°F and there is a 1 in 6 chance of precipitation, which is certainly good news. Look for a more official post with tips on how to prepare for the inauguration at a later date. But even if a blizzard hits, it may actually be a blessing in disguise: people who can't find a place to stay can build inaugural igloos.

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  1. Hi Obamathon Man,
    Keep your eye on the weather AND stay warm. Wouldn't want you to catch a cold before the big day.