Friday, December 26, 2008

Obamorabilia: Denver Edition

Barack Obama will go down in history for, among other things, being the president who lent his image to the most merchandise. If his economic stimulus doesn't work, hopefully at least Americans will buy enough Obama-themed objects to put the economy back on track. Obamathon Man chronicles the popular trends, the quirky deviations and the utterly tasteless byproducts of Obama mania in a series known as Obamorabilia.

Obamathon Man comes from a bookish family, and has a keen interest in literature himself. There's so many books in my blood that after I die my corpse will be recycled. So I've been to many of the bookstores of the Denver area, and each of them has one book well stocked and prominently displayed: Democratic National Convention 2008: Obama's Mile High Moment. The book is loaded with glossy photos, includes shots of prominent democrats and our new friend Hick. There is heavy coverage of protests which took place, including a shot of an anarchist swollen from pepper spray. Plenty of got snaps of Obama's closing night speech as well. A 72 page book, it lists for $15.95, a price that can only be described as "Mile High Markup". But on Amazon the price is $10.85, a fair price for any Demorcat or Denverite.

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