Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Fired Up and Ready to Go

Due to events not entirely within our control, my brother and I were given the opportunity to attend what looks to be the largest gathering of people within the District of Columbia, set to occur Jan. 20, 2009. What follows is a series of reports, speculation, historical acounts, gonzo journalism, and other goodies related to this event.

As of yet, we haven't been granted tickets by our congressman, nor are we going to shell out $20,000 for front row seats. If we're lucky, we'll secure a nice spot on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial (only 2 miles away!) and hopefully only be lightly trampled in the process.

Nevertheless, we are fired up and ready to go. I hear this Obama dude is a great speaker.


  1. so glad you guys will be representing all of us in SoCal who can't be there. can't wait to read more of your posts along the way

  2. Much thanks Bryn. Glad to see you found the blog, and I will try my hardest to channel the photographic genius of Elon while in Washington. That is, as long as my camera doesn't get stolen. Have a great holiday season!

  3. It's great to see you all fired up about the new president. I'm looking forward to hearing about your adventures at the inauguration and beyond.