Monday, December 22, 2008

Politically Impolite

So I'm here in Denver, doing a little last minute christmas shopping with my associate. We're looking over the best Barnes & Nobles has to offer, and apparently that's some cheesy Sarah Palin "authorized" bio. Gee willikers! So we start having a good old time at the expense of Alaska's first gal. "I'll find those answers and bring em to ya!" A well dressed woman walks by and I look over just long enough to catch her giving us a look that could freeze Mauna Loa. Welcome to Denver folks! In LA, that never would have happened - no one cares what you do or say in public. You could catch on fire and no one would notice.

To be fair, I saw plenty of Obama stickers and posters left up here, so the situation is not one sided. But the Republican contingent is not backing down. Unlike LA, they still have a strong foothold, and though they now appear to lie dormant, they are poised to strike back at the least opportunity. Denver: the town of mile high tempers.

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