Sunday, December 28, 2008

Denver on One to Two Wheels

Obamathon Man has always been a big fan of bicycle commuting; it's clean, energy efficient, and not space-intensive the way cars are. However, it seems the citizens of Denver are not only fans of bicycling, but also unicycling: while hiking up a mountain, my associate and I saw a unicyclist pedaling down the other way. Such is the way of mountain-folk, I guess.

While one-wheeled riders may still be in the minority here, parts of Denver are blossoming with bicycles - particularly the area near and directly south of the Capital. Bike lock areas are seldom empty and often filled with trendy fixed gear bikes. Denver has a pretty good reputation for bike-friendliness, garnering praise from bike advocates back home as well as the extremely bike-conscious citizens in the Northwest. However, there is still room for improvement. Denver has completed a bike master plan, which hopefully will help usher in an era of even greater bike friendliness.

It has been pretty warm here (above freezing), and if this weather holds I may just have to try biking Denver for myself. But if we do get hit by a blizzard, it will be interesting to see if our unicyclist friend can still make it down the mountain when it's covered in snow.

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