Saturday, December 27, 2008

Obamorabilia: Change We Can Buy Into

Barack Obama will go down in history for, among other things, being the president who lent his image to the most merchandise. If his economic stimulus doesn't work, hopefully at least Americans will buy enough Obama-themed objects to put the economy back on track. Obamathon Man chronicles the popular trends, the quirky deviations and the utterly tasteless byproducts of Obama mania in a series known as Obamorabilia.

What an appropriate gimmick to cover while here at the home of the world's largest mint: Obama commemorative coins! Now for a limited time, get these wonderful gold-plated coins for three easy payments of $4.95. How would you ever remember Obama's historic election without a coin bearing a likeness of his face? Check out the testimonials, all from smokin' hot babes - hey, it works for beer ads. No word as to whether or not these coins are actually legal tender, but the people making them hope they will be worth $14.90 to you.

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