Friday, December 19, 2008

Leaving Tomorrow

Tomorrow Obamathon Man and his associate depart for Denver. To celebrate our last day in LA before Obama takes office, we took a leisurely afternoon stroll through some of our favorite LA haunts. We took a bunch of pictures, not all of which will fit in a blog post. But you can find all of our fine photographic works at the new Obamathon Man Flickr Page, which also includes the previously shown DC pictures and some photos from Chicago as well. Look for plenty of roadside photos from all across the country, coming soon!

We rode the metro to Pershing Square in Downtown, then visited the skating rink. Unfortunately the zamboni was called out before we had a chance to skate ourselves.

We then hopped back on the Metro and rode to Los Feliz, picking up coffee and heading to the Frank Lloyd Wright-designed Hollyhock House/Barnsdall Park. It was a clear day and we had a nice view from the hilltop park, formerly home to a wealthy oil heiress.

Then, acting on a heavily misguided whim, we ventured west to Hollywood and Highland, aka Toruisttrapistan. We were hoping that an Obama impersonator who we'd seen earlier might be there again, and that I could use that as material for this otherwise meandering blog post. But alas, all we found was a guy trying to sell cds, and a bunch of foreign tourists. That's the one cool thing about H&H. you're surrounded by foreign languages. Portuguese to your left, Tamil to your right, and in front of you a gaggle of British tourists who can't figure out who Jackie Chan is. Surreal.

After that disappointing turn on Wax Museum Way, we were entreated to a nice holiday scene on the subway: holiday flowers and a hipster in a santa hat.

I'm thrilled to be trekking, but I'll be a bit nostalgic for my home town. If for no other reason, for the weather.

In other LA-related news, congratulations to Hilda Solis, who has been appointed by Obama to head the U.S. labor department. Solis is an LA native and long time representative of the San Gabriel Valley's 32nd congressional district. Way to represent Hilda, and Solis Navidad!

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