Thursday, December 25, 2008

Obama-Gram: Make Your Voice Heard at the Inauguration!

Today is Christmas, and Obamathon Man would like to take this opportunity to thank all my visitors for stopping by. I would also like to announce the launch of a new Obamathon Man feature: Obama-Gram: Make Your Voice Heard!

Have something you want to say at the inauguration? Want your message to be seen personally by Barack Obama at the inauguration? Obamathon Man is now accepting any and all messages from his visitors in a new comment section on the main page. Comments will be accepted until 6:00 PM, Pacific Standard Time (West Coast Represent!), January 18, 2008. I will painstakingly look over each of your comments, and do the following:

  • Print each comment on a giant poster, and personally stake out a position as close to the parade route as is possible. I will fight tooth and nail for a good spot, even if it means losing all my teeth and nails. Your Message will be seen!

  • Read through each message on a bullhorn, megaphone, or whatever amplification device is permitted during the inauguration, during the parade.

  • Print each message on a commemorative leaflet, available free of charge to all spectators at the inauguration. Your voice will be heard by your fellow countrymen!

  • Assemble a video clip displaying each message, and post the video online, accompanied by relevant images and footage as the case may be. The video will not be made available until after the inauguration, but it will still be cool.

  • Select politically relevant messages and assemble them into a separate print and video presentation, to be submitted to as well as directly to the offices of state and federal representatives, and presidential cabinet members.

  • Publish a general report on February 20, 2009, one month after the inauguration, chronicling where each of the messages have been heard, the reactions they have goten, and the effects they have brought about.

Note: Profanities will be represented with asterisks: f***, etc. Unnecessarily violent or sexually explicit messages will be edited. Advertising/Spam and redundant messages or identical reposts will be ignored. Messages longer than 500 words will be shortened for the poster, but preserved for all other media. Foreign language messages will be reprinted in their original form and accompanied by an auto translation into English. Messages will be accepted from the comments section in this post, and a specifically designated comments section on the main page

So here's your chance: be a part of this historic inauguration! Send your message in today, and see the change you create. Obamathon Man salutes you and whatever you have to say!


  1. Dear Mr. President,

    I am looking forward to the change you have promised and I promise to support our historic movement any way I can!

    Looking forward to restoring the hope for my children, my family and all Americans!

    Kevin Reed
    Golden, Colorado

  2. Mr. President,
    The whole world is watching. May your resounding victory spark the energy and imagination of the American people to make bold and lasting changes.

    Vivian Reed
    Long Beach, CA

  3. Dear Pres. Obama,

    Use this very bad time to bring about very great change.

    God speed.

    Harold Dodge
    Santa Monica, CA

  4. Dear Mr. President,

    You have given us hope; now is the time for us all to transform that hope into progressive action & evolution.

    Gael Walsh
    Burbank, CA

  5. Thanks for all your thoughtful comments! Tonight I'll make the poster.