Friday, December 12, 2008

Obama Inauguration Blog

So I did a Google search of the phrase "Obama inauguration blog". And I was dismayed to find that this Obama inauguration blog was not listed under the search results for "Obama inauguration blog". So I decided to do a post reiterating that Obamathon Man is running an Obama inauguration blog, since Google is more likely to display my Obama inauguration blog as a search result for "Obama inauguration blog" the more times i use the phrase "Obama inauguration blog". One more time: Obama inauguration blog.

In other news, one of the sites that did show up in my search - for "Obama inauguration blog" - was that of the erstwhile Obama Girl (erstwhile is a synonym for sexy, right?). Apparently, she's started an inaugural countdown blog, in which she is uncharacteristically camera shy. There's some good coverage there, no bikini pics, but perhaps Ms. Girl is making a point that literary invective is sexy too. This is encouraging to Obamathon Man, though I'm still going to go ahead with my Chippendale routine at some point (just kidding! .. you're welcome). Enjoy.

Correction: The aforementioned website does not in fact belong to "that" Obama Girl, it belongs to a completely different individual with the same exact nom de blog. Deepest apologies Obama Girl, it was an honest mistake. I'll make it up to you somehow. How about a life-size cardboard cut out of Obama?

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