Monday, December 15, 2008

Obamorabilia: The Obama Store

Barack Obama will go down in history for, among other things, being the president who lent his image to the most merchandise. If his economic stimulus doesn't work, hopefully at least Americans will buy enough Obama-themed objects to put the economy back on track. Obamathon Man chronicles the popular trends, the quirky deviations and the utterly tasteless byproducts of Obama mania in a series known as Obamorabilia.

Get your life-size Obama cardboard cutouts! To those in the DC area who just can't get enough Obama-themed stuff, there's a new store in town just for you: The Obama Souvenir Shop! Conveniently located next to the White House so as to scoop up the optimum amount of tourist junk spending, the Obama Souvenir Shop features every type of clothing, stationery, sundry, toiletry, cosmetic, or other frivolity imaginable - with an Obama logo on it! Why, just the other day, they unveiled their new Obama-flavored hot sauce, which quickly began selling like hot cakes. Hot damn! The owner, Jim Warlick, was astute enough to buy a zillion copies of the Nov. 5 Washington Post for $2 apiece, they're up for resale now at the Obama Store for $20. But while most newspaper profiteers would just give you the paper for $20, Warlick is charitable enough to throw in a protective plastic sheet too. Of the rest of his inventory, Warlick says, "We're seeing the average sale is four to five times the normal sale purchase." Gosh Jim, you remind me of the old rich guy from Monopoly.

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