Saturday, December 20, 2008

Democratic Denver: A Prelude

October 25, 2008. In the plaza across from the state Capitol, a crowd was gathering. Blue signs had been taped to the concrete columns lining an amphitheater. An impassioned speaker told of the troubles he and his families had faced, and what it would take to overcome them. Signs read, "Red to Blue", "Obama/Biden", "Renewing America's Promise". Later a woman sang a song, "Living My Life Like It's Golden".

Later, on a walk through an older neighborhood, lawns were littered with leaves and Obama signs, and there was an Obama campaign office on every corner. Maybe holding the convention here two months earlier really paid off for the democrats. Or maybe Denver was just undergoing a political change.

In the coming days, when not overtaken by holiday festivities, Obamathon Man will examine the city of Denver. What has happened here during the last eight years? What do the people here want of their new President-elect? What about the Republicans in town, who lost this round, but are still a powerful force? I've already sent out requests to local political organizations (Democratic and Republican) asking for their take on these questions. But I'll also be speaking to as many of the good citizens of Denver to see what they think as well.

And to those of you from Denver, feel free to write in! let's hear your take. The comments section is open!

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