Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Checking in with LA's Blogging Elite

Over the past few days, Obamathon Man has gotten a bit homesick, and thus has been contacting some of the more established bloggers back in the LA area. First, in hopes of finding advice about going green for the inauguration, I sent an email to Green LA Girl. I asked if she had any info about cold-weather clothes that were environmentally friendly, and unfortunately she didn't. But she said she'd give some thought to other green inaugural tips - look for another post along these lines (fingers crossed!). Those interested in going eco-inagural might find plenty of good general advice on her site, or you could try contacting her directly at greenlagirl@gmail.com.

Obamathon Man has been notoriously bike friendly in earlier posts. Looking for a little expertise to add gravitas to my bike posting, I contacted Damien Newton of Streetsblog LA, a group which advocates for bike friendly development, cyclist's rights, and livable streets. He was friendly and supportive of the trip my associate and I are taking, and even offered to meet up after we get back. Damien is something of a policy guru and will have plenty to say on what effect Obama and his transportation secretary Ray LaHood will have on bike policy nationwide. Unfortunately, LaHood looks to be one of Obama's more questionable appointees. But at least my hometown has approved Measure R, a sales tax which funds more buses and new subways in LA. Ironically, some bike enthusiasts have opposed measure R because it doesn't allocate enough money to bikes; I disagree because I think bikes and transit have a symbiotic relationship. The subway is going to be finished when I get back, right guys?

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