Thursday, January 15, 2009

Obamorabilia: Dirty South Edition

Barack Obama will go down in history for, among other things, being the president who lent his image to the most merchandise. If his economic stimulus doesn't work, hopefully at least Americans will buy enough Obama-themed objects to put the economy back on track. Obamathon Man chronicles the popular trends, the quirky deviations and the utterly tasteless byproducts of Obama mania in a series known as Obamorabilia.

We got gas near our hotel this morning, and in the adjacent convenience store we saw the most improbable of product displays: Obama merchandise! My associate had previously spotted pez dispensers urging people to "Vote Republican" in a rural Illinois gas station, so it was particularly surprising to see Obama stuff in Georgia of all places. This probably just goes to show that those who like Obama like him enough to shell out for him. Obama's popularity will probably wane at some point, and the merchandise will disappear as well. But the republican pez dispensers will still be there.

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