Sunday, January 18, 2009

Obama and the Boss

Unfortunately, Obamathon Man is spending time with his family in Richmond and won't be able to attend the massive free concert at the Lincoln Memorial. For those of you in town, the fun begins at 2:30, and if I'm not mistaken, Obama will be there to start things off, followed by performances by Bruce Springsteen, Mary J Blige, Stevie Wonder, and others. Maybe if the Boss can get Obama to sing backup on "Born in the USA", all those rumors about him being born in Indonesia will be put to rest. Those of you outside Washington can also catch the festivities live on HBO. Or if you're like me, you'll watch them later on youtube.

We'll be in DC Tomorrow, though! There's plenty of cool service projects in the DC area. No word as to which service events Obama and Biden will be at, at least no news that I could find on google. It has been revealed that the Obamas are going to a number of exclusive dinners in the evening, none of which normal people can attend. You can always opt to see the free Jonas Bros. Concert though. Me, I'd rather go swim in the Potomac.

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