Saturday, January 3, 2009

It's Not "The Inaugural"!

Obamathon Man does not consider himself a grammar nazi. But there is one particular linguistic slip-up that really grinds my gears: when people or news articles refer to the inauguration as "the inaugural". I've got news for you: "inaugural" is an adjective. Just like "happy" is an adjective. Would you tell someone you're going to the happy?

OK, mayyybe you could argue that when people say "inaugural" is short-hand for "55th inaugural ceremony". Maybe. But that would be like residents of Pleasant Hill referring to their city as "Pleasant". Do you live in Pleasant? Huh? Where the hell is Pleasant? We can live in descriptions now?

So, please just make the extra effort and call it "the inauguration". Three more letters won't kill you, but leaving them out will kill the English language.

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