Monday, January 12, 2009

A Quick Chat With Missouri's Blue Girl

Obamathon Man and his associate spent a few hours in the wonderful bi-state metropolitan area of Kansas City (both of em!). The skyscrapers downtown are mostly 30's era, giving the place a cool Gothamesque vibe. We had tentative plans to meet up with Missouri's prominent blogger Blue Girl, but unfortunately more pressing concerns arose at the last minute and couldn't meet up. Blue Girl, sorry we couldn't get together. We thought about getting barbecue and listening to blues without you, but it just wouldn't be the same. Fortunately, BG was kind enough to answer some questions via email. It's just as well, since we might have spoiled her alias.

OM: What is unique about Missouri politics, and Missouri life in general?

BG: We are where east meets west so far as US geography is concerned. We have a history that goes back almost as far as the country itself. The first white settlement in the state was in 1735, and my political party, the Missouri Democratic Party, is the oldest continually-operating political organization west of the Mississippi River. There were Democrats here before we were a state. We consider Thomas Jefferson our founding father, and named our capital city after him. It is often observed that St. Louis is the westernmost eastern city in the country, and KC is the easternmost western city. It's true. We are also two states. We have social conservatives in the south and the rural areas, and we have a liberal urban corridor that pretty much tracks I-70, from KC to StL and takes in Columbia, which splits the state in half.

OM: What problems does Missouri face, and will the new administration be able to help?

BG: Our economy is in the toilet. I am hopeful that we will see some turnaround with good Democratic leadership, tho. Healthcare is going to be a huge millstone around the neck of both the state and national economies for the near term. Doing something there will make a huge difference all the way through the economy.

OM: What's the best part about living in Kansas City?

BG: Barbecue! No, wait, Blues! No, wait...Aw Hell...B.B.'s Lawnside Barbecue! And Winslows! Two of KCs finest traditions meet in these smoky environs!

OM: And, do you have a message for Obama at the inauguration?

BG: "Sir, you have your work cut out for you, and I wish you all the luck in the world. I may not always agree with your decisions, but I didn't even run, let alone get elected, so I am not going to start second guessing like some people already have. You need to keep that in mind, too, and not let us ungrateful whelps beat you down. Should you need me to serve this nation, in any capacity, I will report, and I will serve. No questions ask. It's a nice little republic we have here, and it's a pity something went and happened to it. If you need me to help you fix it, I'm all yours."

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  1. Hi Obamathon Man,
    Great interview! This lady puts heart in the heartland.