Friday, January 9, 2009

The Wine Coop

For our last days in Denver, we went to the Wynkoop Brewery in LoDo, a favorite (and former place of employ) of our Denver friends. The ambiance was great and the prices were surprisingly reasonable for a classy brewery. They even had a brew named for their hometown hero and former proprietor, Mayor Hickenlooper. When we asked, our waiter told us that Hick still comes by from time to time, and he's talked with him a bit. The waiter assured us that he's a decent enough guy, though as mayor of Denver he was naturally a bit preoccupied. The food was good and we were glad we went.

We also overheard a conversation at another table, some of the people had been in Laguna Beach in October and were lamenting all the pro-proposition 8 people there. Sorry we let you down Colorado. At least you guys still have an awesome brewery to go to.

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  1. Its just plain awful dont waste your money