Friday, January 2, 2009

Dressy Situation

Obamathon Man would like to reiterate that he is a man, that is to say a male, and neither interested in nor capable of understanding the anguish, consternation and despair felt by females who inadvertently show up to the a formal event wearing the same outfit. Let's take a moment to appreciate this situation: for women, wearing the same outfit as someone else is an ├╝ber faux-pas, but for men, we have to wear the same outfit as everyone else. So naturally, it's a difficult thing for guys to understand, but let me just say, I've seen it happen and it's not something you want to see. To put it into terms easier for guys to get, it would be like buying a new 40" 1080p flat screen and finding out that your buddy just got one that's 42 inches. Dammit!

Fortunately for all female attendees, there's a new website which registers what kind of dress everyone is wearing to inaugural balls. The one catch: it's first come first serve. So ladies, as soon as you find that perfect outfit that you've looked for all week, get right online and stake your claim!

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