Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Road to Change 1/13: Gettin' Lucky in Kentucky

Though we spent the night on the edge of Kentucky, we briefly ducked back into Illinois to see the giant Superman statue in Metropolis, IL, and to admire the Ohio River. It was really friggin cold, so we got moving soon after.

We made it all the way to Nashville without stopping. The farms in Kentucky were prettier than many of the farms we had seen earlier in Kansas and Illinois, some even looked like the picturesque barns that people who romanticize farm life think of. But we passed through Kentucky quickly, and soon the buildings of Nashville loomed on the horizon.

We spent a few hours in Nashville, then left in the dark. Nashville is known as "Music City", and we were able to listen to music from Nashville on the radio for miles away, but we eventually lost the signal as we climbed up and over the southern Appalachian Mountains. We made it to Chattanooga for dinner, then headed further south into Georgia, stopping just far enough out of Atlanta to avoid paying too much for a motel.

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