Thursday, January 15, 2009

When in Nashville, Don't Be Bashful

Obamathon Man and his associate strolled through Nashville this afternoon. We had heard that Nashville was a mecca for country music, but as it turns out the city is home to fine musical traditions in many different genres. We ate lunch in a sandwich shop near the capitol, I ordered whatever looked the most southern. As we were about to leave, one of the cooks yelled out to me, asking if I liked the sandwich. I told her it was great and asked if I could steal the recipe.

We then took a walk through the Tennessee State Museum, which was free. There were intricate exhibits about the prehistory and early history of Tennessee, as well as lots of exhibits about the Civil War. The museum didn't get much further than 1865 though, but there was a small art display featuring ornate paintings of Nashville Diners. In the gift shop, there was a book called 100 Reasons We're Proud to Be From Tennessee. One of the reasons listed was, "We founded Texas". Which kind of made me glad we didn't actually go through Texas.

We then continued to stroll through the streets of Nashville. Civic leaders have done an excellent job of putting up guitar pick-shaped signposts showing where the live music venues are. We stopped for coffee at a shop that wasn't actually a Starbucks, but "proudly" serves Starbucks coffee. Then we headed back to the car. On the way, we saw a car with a Harold Ford Jr. sticker on the back. Fortunately, the tactics that had been used to defeat Mr. Ford in the 2006 election didn't work on Obama.

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