Sunday, February 1, 2009

Swear Words

When I heard that Obama was sworn in a second time, my first thought was: "What good will that do? Bush took the oath twice, and that didn't exactly force him to uphold the constitution." Nevertheless, there are a few brazen idiots out there who suggested that John Roberts's bungle meant that Obama wasn't president, and all federal employees weren't required to report to him (as if everyone would spontaneously demand that Bush still be in charge). This claim is singularly absurd; however, I support him taking a second oath just to set aside any doubts, particularly since it requires so little effort. However, there's one saving grace, as it were, to this whole affair. Nonbelievers, who Obama went far enough to actually acknowledge in his inaugural speech (gasp!), were dealt a blow when their court case to remove "God" from the inaugural ceremonies failed, but they can take heart in the fact that Obama's second oath didn't involve a Bible. How's that for an acknowledgment of nonbelievers?

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